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Beatnik Fascism is a book of poems by Brandon Adamson that incorporates white identity, futurism and transhumanism. The theme of the book is that the race realists, identitarians and other assorted thought criminals are the curious and creative non-conformists of the post cold war, globalized era. It conveys through poetry the alienating experience we face in daily lives(even within pro-white movements) and throws around ideas about dealing with the challenges we face for the future.”

I launched a new site, The crux of it is basically those who hold “leftist” views on a number of social and economic issues but are racially aware…rejecting the ethnomasochism and third world fetishism that have come to dominate the postmodern intersectional left. AltLeft is that gray area where the far right blends with the far left.

No Enemies to the White

So, I’ve mostly moved on from this blog. I don’t really it update anymore for a number of reasons. Though, rather than alienate tons of people with a laundry list of objections, I’ll just say that I don’t really consider myself part of the AltRight or a “conservative.” The problem I have with the term “AltRight” is that it presupposes one subscribes to a set of political positions on various issues. Whether it be capitalism, religion, modern art, feminism, environmentalism, sexuality, traditionalism etc.. on many of these subjects I clearly identify more with leftists, or at the very least a Nixonian conservatism(especially his private conversations.)  More importantly though, I’m pro-white first and foremost. Pretty much have to be at this point. I agree with Richard Spencer in his assertion that conservatives cannot seem to bring themselves to advocate for explicitly White or European interests. They always have to prioritize some other pet issue, or at the very least incorporate a kind of admixture that they insist “must be necessary for civilization.” It essentially becomes a right intersectionalism counterpart to the feminist variety.  I reject intersectionality, in order to prioritize defending the interests of white people…any of them, regardless of their stance on pretty much any subtopics(the flat earth people really push my limits on this though.)

We’re in a struggle for survival because we’re white. “Blackness” is as contrived of an identity as ever, but in almost any outgroup confrontation, a black tranny from Brooklyn will find an ally and a brother in an Oakland gang member or cab driving Somali refugee. In the future, every white person will have to choose a side, either pro-white or anti-white. If a group of muslims was attacking a pretty teenage white girl, would you cheer them on because you hate how shrill many western women have become? What about if they were attacking an openly gay, white software engineer or homeless man? Would you give them the thumbs up for taking out a “degenerate?” Or would you reluctantly come to the defense of a long lost brother or sister in blood? I know whose side I would be on.  We can and should debate the types of societies we want to live in, but in the end we do not necessarily all have to adopt the same system.  The southeastern United States seems ripe for the kind of neoconfederate christian ethnotheocracy many reactionaries crave. The northwest seems an ideal enclave for identitarian irreligious hipster fascists. The west coast is a natural fit for a Moldbuggian technocratic monarchy where geek “hWhites” can be free to practice transplanetary capitalism and indulge their asian fetishes.

France is not Germany is not Iceland is not South Carolina and never will be. Every identitarian is well aware of this. Yet, the broader struggle we are in requires a degree of unity the likes of which we have never seen and are not typically comfortable with. We’ve spent so much time as the comfortable majority, that we’ve had the luxury of practicing exclusively “values” politics. Watching clips of old debate shows from the 60’s and 70s, it all seems so innocent! Gore Vidal feuding with Norman Mailer on the Dick Cavett Show, Buckley debating Reagan on Firing Line about the fate of the Panama Canal. How cute. 40 years later, none of it matters in the least bit. Europe is on the verge of being irreversibly transformed. Most of California is lost, and much of the US has been overrun. Many of the areas which haven’t been, remain so isolated from the effects that they’re oblivious to the dangers of allowing themselves to be swamped with people from the third world. Some have even been convinced by corporate witch doctors that such enrichment will somehow benefit them.

As someone who comes politically from the right but culturally from the left, I can see the beginnings of a racially aware, “AltLeft” emerging. These are white people who may agree with a lot of progressive ideas or aesthetics, yet reject the postmodern anti-whitism and ethnomasochism that have come to dominate those circles. The intersectional, postmodern left hates white people, and some of them(more than you think) are becoming wise to this. No enemies to the right? How about no enemies to the white?


Cuckservative Inc Stock is Tanking ($CUCK)


The Definition

A cuckservative is a self-styled “conservative” who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country’s people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.

source: TheRightStuff 

Cuckservatism Inc stock($CUCK) is taking a nosedive. Like something of an impromptu internet Tet offensive, the “cuckservative” meme has gone viral and shocked much of the mainstream conservative establishment, most of whom had no idea of it’s existence until now. Some of them are still in such sheltered disbelief that they are attributing it to some kind of democratic operative conspiracy. Newsflash to any cuckservative or curious social justice warrior who may have taken a wrong turn through the lost of woods of shitlordistan and ended up here….it’s for real. In fact,  we’ve been going on about cuckservatives in one way or another for a long time. The cucks have just been too busy fixated on superficial media diversionary issues like Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, and the Iran deal.  

One could see this development coming though. Leftist intersectionalist social justice types have been hip to the alt right for a while, with sites like Jezebel and David Futrelle’s “We Hunted the Mammoth” regularly sparring with Heartiste and Return of Kings(usually over gender issues.) Recently though, Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg(who at least has a sense of humor) and other progressive bloggers/sites stumbled upon and wrote about our coverage of the “Cuckelodeon” scandal. At that point, it seemed like only a matter of time. Strangely, it was Trump’s candidacy and his willingness to talk about immigration which brought the cuckservative meme to the forefront. Regardless of what Trump’s positions on the issues are(most of us around here don’t even support democracy)the universal denunciation of Trump’s thought crime by Cuckservatism Inc publications and their pathetic candidates was too much to bear. After the epic monsoon storm of PC roared from the “respectable” right, a backlash was imminent. An army of cantankerous shitlord scorpions had been drawn out, their stingers loaded with venom and vitriol.


How did all this develop under the radar? It’s simple really. When mainstream conservative publications and media outlets purged some of their greatest writers and personalities for crimethink, those ideas and thoughts didn’t actually disappear. When political correctness leads publications to refuse to address the issues people want to discuss, they invariably emerge elsewhere. In this case, they moved underground, where new communities formed which slowly attracted the disenfranchised. Through networking and demand within the marketplace of ideas, those new outlets began to grow significantly larger and more influential to where they could no longer be ignored. The purging of John Derbyshire from National Review simply boosted the popularity of Vdare and Takimag. The American Conservative magazine(once a pioneering AltRight publication)sent white readers fleeing in droves a few years ago when they abandoned their immigration restrictionist position and determined that turning the US into a third world country would be acceptable, since it would mean the US might be less likely to get involved in foreign wars. Unsurprisingly, many longtime readers found this tradeoff less than appealing.


To those that think this is all the work of “white supremacists” and “neo nazis,” I can only say that it should not surprise anyone that by eliminating the possibility of any open and honest discussion of racial issues in polite society, and after experiencing decades of willful capitulation by the republican party on almost every relevant issue… naturally people are going to reluctantly find themselves making common cause with white nationalists. Why wouldn’t they? When conservative parties continuously sellout white people, either through futile pandering to minorities for votes, or just shilling for culturally indifferent transnational corporations who are eager to trade western civilization for a quick buck….eventually those people will seek alternatives. Those whites who haven’t been brainwashed into ethnomasochism and the embrace of their demographic replacement, have been forced to ally with the only groups left that still have their interests in mind. White supremacist? White survivalist is more like it.


The social justice left is perhaps even more horrified at this development, because they already had it in their minds that even mainstream republicuck senators and congressmen who merely want existing immigration laws enforced are “neo nazi white supremacists.” When some legendary actor speaks a mildly un-PC truth, the social justice mob “literally can’t even.” I can barely even imagine their reaction when they accidentally fall down some 4Chan youtube rabbit hole.

Even still, anyone familiar with the AltRight knows that it is made up of a bunch of disaffected groups who don’t agree on very much and mostly hate each other. Some of us aren’t even rightists, but ethnocentric leftists who just don’t accept white guilt. Amazingly(with the exception of a few holdout neoreactionaries,) Trump’s provocations, subsequent republican pundit denouncements and the popularizing of the pre-existing “cuckservative” meme have managed to unite nearly the entire altright, bringing to bear the full force of nearly every shitlord this side of 4chan paradise. Cuckservatives, it’s time to short $CUCK shares and start investing in the future:

The Elfbrand Manifesto


When a wise and brave ally created Orcbrand, the call was answered by thousands who eagerly joined the horde. To show my solidarity, I too adopted the brand for a time. Though not fully invested, I threw enough of my mild weight in to consequently be asked about Orcbrand in an interview with a persistently curious fellow. Yet, deep down I knew that I could never truly be an Orc. I share almost none of the physical or mental characteristics required. Orcs are large, strong, loud, obnoxious and barbarous creatures with generally low impulse control. They are aggressive and have an unquenchable thirst for battle. They are not much in the way of tactical strategic creatures but boldly charge forward toward whichever target they are fixated on. No, it would be an insult to both the orcs and my kin to call myself one. I briefly considered applying to be leader of a subspecies of Gretchin and their herd, but Gretchin are typically cannon fodder(though occasionally clever) and are simply smaller versions of orcs rather than something completely different. No, not a Gretchin either. This begs the question, who am I? Who
are we?

For those of us not quite large or brutish enough to pass as orcbrand but with agility, insatiable curiosity, and beautiful thoughts, clearly we are elfbrand. In contrast with the Orcs, I have a slender(yet fit) build and am more inclined to rely on attributes of cunning, stealth, imagination and cleverness when engaging with my enemies. One of my ex-girlfriends would often comment on my having “elf ears.” It was a running meme between us that she had fairy ears(not like a “gay” definition of fairy, but like the female variety such as Tinkerbelle or the ones that give you hearts in Legend of Zelda) and I had elf ears, and thus ours was a romance between fairy and elf. I make no apology for the foray into degenerate interspecism (though I regret the relationship for a plethora of other reasons.)

At this point you may be wondering what Elfbrand is all about. Like, what makes an elf? What do we really believe? I offer this as the official Elfbrand manifesto:

The Elfbrand Manifesto

By B.W. Rabbit

-As elves we are distrustful of outsiders. We are conscious of their reckless, potentially destructive nature and actively plot ways to keep them out and avoid having to interact with them whenever possible.

– Whilst the brutish orcs revel in their pompous machismo and bravado, we remain perched in the treetops of the lost woods, our elven bows polished at the ready – quivers filled with silver arrows – ever the cunning.

– We are psychically sensitive beings, have a love of animals and frequently look to the cosmos, allst the while exploring nature. Whereas the thuggish alpha beasts are likely to blurt out uncouth epithets like “that’s so gay!” at the notion of any admiration of beauty, expression of sentimentality or emotion…we merely roll our eyes, tune them out and continue with the business of soul searching and expanding our collective consciousness.

-Advanced science(often mistaken for magical power by more primitive creatures) is a critical component of elven society and when combined with stealth allows us to defend ourselves when vastly outnumbered.

– Elfbrand contains different factions and much diversity. There are the space-faring Eldar, the natural and homeopathic driven “wood elves,” the cruel and cunning dark elves and so on. We all share the same features and abilities, but they manifest themselves differently among different elven societies according to established norms.

– Increased perception is one of our most defining traits. Seemingly introverted and curious we have a tendency to perceive and understand rather then prematurely judge. Those who identify as Elfbrand are most likely to
fall under the INTP Myers-Briggs personality type.

– Elfbrand men are most closely aligned with beta males(though not the squeaky, fat, neckbeard variety.) Romantic, empathetic and understanding. In the true medieval fashion we have a tendency to white knight even when their is no tangible reward to be reaped. Even the most gallant and alpha embodying among us take on the likeness of a charismatic metrosexual. While the entitled frat bro styled orcmen pillage and plunder the pussy, we opt for style, chivalry, clever humor and establishing a psychic link with the female. We recognize that we will be unlimately be less successful numbers wise but will make more spiritually meaningful connections when we occasionally do make them.

– We place an emphasis on the aesthetic of a society, which often puts us at odds with laissez faire capitalist creatures who sacrifice aesthetic for cheapness, abundance and convenience. Elfbranders marvel at the beautiful expensive sofa that’s uncomfortable to sit on, while other creatures enthusiastically tear down magnificent buildings to make way for cheap, stucco minimalls filled with Jamba Juice smoothie franchises and AT&T wireless stores.

– Our advantageous battle characteristics are swiftness, accuracy, resourcefulness, and adaptability. Our weaknesses are lack of physical strength, reduced numbers and an aversion to direct confrontation. When faced with an aggressive and more powerful adversary, we would be more apt to distract the enemy by throwing them a slab of meat, bypass their defenses and patiently wait for a moment to strike, like thieves in the night…narrowly escaping the barbarian’s firm grip with the agile swiftness of a thousand gazelles.

Note: We are not usually at odds with our orc allies. In many ways it would seem we complement each other. It is important merely to point out memetic and strategic differences, understanding with clarity what our respective roles are in ongoing skirmishes with anarchists, libertarians and SJW goblins.


Cuckelodeon – Then and Now


So I had thought of writing about the bizarre Cuckelodeon scandal, but it has already been covered in depth by plenty of others that have articulated much of what I would have wanted to say(and then some.) Once again, some predictably had to go reaching further down the rabbit hole and concocting some numerology conspiracy, which will serve as a straw man distraction that detractors can point to and make everyone who talks about it out to be kooks. Anyhow, I couldn’t let this story go without making a few passing remarks on the despair of what a PC shell of its former self that Nickelodeon has become.


So, it’s basically been established that Nickelodeon is subliminally and metaphorically promoting cuckold fetishism to unsuspecting youths(note: I’m using the term “youths” in the literal sense, as in children…not as in the media’s modern euphemism for feral black thug rioters.) Yet, it was not always this way. One of the most fortunate things about being a kid in the 80’s, was that it was the last era you could experience a fun childhood with a minimal amount of PC busybody interference.

My mother was always a morning person. So we would wake up early together and watch shows like Belle and Sebastian, a cartoon(adapted from a children’s book) which left such an impression that an indie band named themselves after it and became so famous that discussion of the cartoon is now likely to be met with bewildered confusion by people thinking you’re talking about the band. Speaking of which, never in a million years would it have been intentional, but could there be any more of a reactionary theme song than Belle and Sebastian’s “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying?” It even has that precious “old books” line.

Anyway, then there was Pinwheel, an innocent show filmed at the height of the multicultural window(it ran from 1977-1990) with it’s own theme song, one so catchy  that I still occasionally have it stuck in my head, despite not having seen the show since 1986(until researching for this piece.) The diversity of the show’s cast was of the innocent variety, typical of those days and admirable. And who could forget Turkey Television?! A weird Nickelodeon program featuring zillions of brief and amusing skits. Few people seem to recall this show, but I have some fond memories of it. It was yet another Canadian entry in a similar vein as Kids in The Hall. When did Canadians become so politically correct anyway? They became boilerplate SJWs with full on hate-speech tribunals in less than 15 years from when shows like this and YCDTOTV were produced…

Ah yes finally, that brings us to the gold standard of 80’s Nickelodeon programming and my all time favorite show on Nickelodeon, “You Can’t Do That On Television.”  This was another kids/teen sketch show. True to it’s name now but not then, the recurring torture chamber and firing squad skits it featured would never be allowed to air on any kids program today, in the post Columbine era. There was even a hilarious sketch where the schoolteacher and the rest of the class pull guns out of their desks and threaten to kill a student who wouldn’t stop talking…which aired without even a hint of controversy and was likely enjoyed by many. Some of my favorite sequences were the locker exchanges, where they would trade jokes and barbs with each other from inside the lockers(including some occasional fat jokes.)  I personally first noticed the decline of Nickelodeon a few years after YCDTOTV ended, when they went all in on the unfunny, watered down, ebonically charged 90’s show, “All That.”

Witness this clip of classic Nickelodeon in all it’s glory and contrast it with the sad PC spectacle children’s television has become. None of this fun stuff could be shown to kids today, but it’s only a matter of time before Nickelodeon has some show centered around gay or transgendered kids struggling with discovering their(or is it “xeir?”) gender identities, and nobody at the network or in the media would bat an eye. That would be perfectly acceptable to them, somehow. Given that they already have adult film directors writing children shows which subliminally promote interracial cuckold fetishism….it isn’t much of a stretch at this point. Who is going to stop them?

When Dream Worlds Collide – Right Futurists vs. Little House on The Praireactionaries and 9/11 Truthers


Well well well, look what the cat dragged in…a live rabbit! So, the 18 and 1/2 minute gap in updates wasn’t due to the ghost of Rose Mary Woods logging in and deleting my posts. It can be explained by the fact I was busy moving. Yep, I sold my swingin 60’s condo that I bought five years ago at the bottom of the real estate market, took the money and ran to some new digs…another 60’s pad with brick walls, vines and all. To celebrate, I mad a trip to the local strip club where I attempted to seek out the most traditionally minded female available. It always happens that when I go to these places, the only girls I really end up being attracted to are the cocktail waitresses. Is it because they’re less available I wonder? Or is it due to the fact that they are aesthetically beautiful enough to make money and tips without even having to reveal their bare breasts? The inquiring mind never rests it would seem. One thing I found pleasing was that instead of the horrid, ghetto pop music you normally have to endure at these strip clubs…they actually played a lot of decent jams…including but not limited to Edwyn Collins’ “A Girl Like You,” from the Empire Records soundtrack. The strip club isn’t necessarily an ideal place to find romance, but at least it’s a guaranteed return on one’s investment.


Anyhow, I realize I should probably be posting about the feral black riots in Baltimore, but to be honest, I just don’t find them very interesting. Writing about blacks going buck wild, looting, shouting grievances in barely intelligible vocalizations….it’s just too easy and pointless a subject to tackle. People like Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey already do a great job covering the topic of modern black “behavior,” but honestly anyone who doesn’t get the picture by now is either hopelessly brainwashed or out of their gourd. Sooner or later, we just have to write off the remaining ethnomasochists as a lost cause and move on. I am attempting to get beyond those discussions and focus my energy on the future. Yeah, we know diversity sucks and multiculturalism has been a failure. What are we going to do about it? What’s the plan, man? As a teeth clenched Charlton Heston pondered to Nova after escaping Ape City on horseback, “Where in the hell do we go from here?”  As always, I will continue to attempt to provide options, including one based on that very remark(though not in this post.)

Moving On

The coalition of AltRight factions is increasingly exposed as something comically shaky, flimsily duct taped together by a vague hatred of SJW culture and always ready to fall apart at the slightest bit of pressure. As I alluded to in Reactionary Pinball, good luck finding very many people on the far right who share enough of your views to feel like you are comfortably part of anything cohesive.

Rabbit vs. “The Little House on The Praireactionaries”

My first recent run in with the LHOTPR was back when one of them got triggered by a friend and I having a discussion about some of our favorite childhood cartoons. The LHOTPR basically said that if we watched cartoons as children, then we had essentially a soft, terrible, modern childhood and needed to be “put down.” Whatever, dude. I’m sure your children won’t grow up to resent you and rebel after being forced to build outhouses and do manual labor while other kids are doing fun stuff that’s more beneficial than it seems.

I also had a lengthy debate on Twitter with the anti-vaccination crowd. Being a futurist who loves modern medicine and hates third world diseases, I’m pro-vaccine obviously(my stepdad and brother are both physicians,) but I don’t wish to rehash the whole debate. I will defer to John Derbyshire’s logical comments on the issue, weighing the benefits vs the risks, since they mirror my thoughts exactly. I only bring this issue up, because it highlights an important schism in the AltRight, those who support conventional science vs. homeopathic medicine etc. Some people are so distrustful and conspiracy oriented(ie worried about fluoride, chlorine in the drinking water etc) that they would probably prefer well water from their backyard. If Oregon Trail style reaction is your thing – building up your immunity the old fashioned way, fording rivers, sewing your own garments, eating organic produce, shitting in outhouses…etc. don’t let me stop you. I’ll be getting off the revolutionary horse carriage at a different stop though. As Toad once remarked to a disappointed Mario, “Thank you, but our princess is another castle.”

Rabbit vs. 9/11 Truthers

I did an interview with Aryan Skynet, a cool site run by cool dudes. It was a good interview, but they were majorly bummed to discover I don’t embrace 9/11 trutherism. I’ve known that they were into this stuff for a while since I’m a big fan of Hipster Racist‘s blog and this appears to be his favorite topic. He’s an interesting and witty writer, so if you want to read about 9/11 conspiracies by someone entertaining who is on our side and not some rastafarian, Mumia Abu Jamal lookalike, that’s the place to go(yeah I know I’m on the same side as Chomsky on this, but check out the guy asking the question in the video, that genius is on your team.) Speaking as a hipster racist(non-truther version) with a shit ton of indie cred, I tend to prefer HR’s blog when he’s on his other topics(especially when he talks about women.) As I stated honestly in the interview, I’m not a 9/11 truther. My thoughts align pretty much with those here, here and here. So there you have it, but we can still be BFF’s since even though I don’t believe 9/11 was a Mossad false flag operation(or whatever,) I still have no interest in being dragged into Israel’s wars, and in fact I would very much like us not to be involved in any irrelevant third world military adventures, even from an accelerationist vantage point. I’m not willing to sacrifice patriotic kids from Utah and Kentucky in pointless wars just to see the US collapse sooner, even on the chance that it might leave a power vacuum for a space monarchy or the new fuhrer.

I sometimes wonder if the ideological differences among different schools of thought are too irreconcilable, and whether it might just be easier to convince authoritarian leftists to be more racist.