Reactionary Pinball

1960s alice pinball art via eclectix2

Sometimes I feel a bit like a reactionary hitchhiker. Basically, when one increasingly finds he has very little common ground with mainstream political movements, his nostalgic trips down memory lane may eventually lead him to embark on a journey down “reactionary road.” This highway has many possible lanes and exits. He might find himself heading in the direction of the paleoconservatives’ front porch or the neoreactionaries’ castle, perhaps the libertarians’ weed farm, or the traditionalists’ homestead, the manosphere’s “No Ma’am” meet up, the radfem free bleeders’ pool party, or even the neo-nazis’ Antarctic base. Essentially, one metaphorically “hitchhikes” from one ideological group to the next, with each of them only willing to take him part of the way where he wants to go, and he never may never quite reach that sanctuary where the other escaped runners are waiting for him. Yet, that analogy doesn’t always work… because each group doesn’t necessarily incrementally get you closer to the group where you ultimately fit in. Of course, some people hitchhike with no destination in mind. They just want to go on a mind expanding journey and see where it takes them. For those that have an idea of what they’re looking for though, it can be disheartening. You just kind of bounce around like an idiosyncratic pinball, occasionally hitting spots where the machine lights up briefly(finally! these guys mostly believe the same things I do,) only to be blasted off in the other direction after dealbreaker ideological incompatibilities are uncovered.

So you might ask…why do you need to belong to a group or share a belief system with anyone at all? Well, you don’t of course…unless you want to actually organize with like-minded people and do something.


Reactionary Priorities

It’s unrealistic to believe it’s necessary to find people who agree with us 100% on everything in order to align ourselves with them. So it is sufficient to find people who are with us on our “top priority” issues. For me, I can narrow it down to two: ethnonationalism and futurism (atheism being a distant third.)

Allow me to offer up my own unique “reactionary pinball” trajectory as an illustration of this disillusioning dilemma:

It’s basically a given that as a racially conscious person and an isolationist, I don’t have a place in the republican or democratic parties. I’m an atheist, and a mild feminist so I don’t belong with the paleoconservatives. Though I sympathize with certain MGTOW criticisms about the nature of females, my race realism, mild feminism and dislike of barbarism disqualifies me from the manosphere(I sorta have grown to hate them actually.) Since I oppose warm body democracy, open borders and an unrestrained free market, I’m sure as hell not a libertarian. I also have no desire for what Heinlein called “back to nature cults.” I’m not interested in “homesteading,” homeschooling or living some kind of neo-Amish lifestyle out on the range. Beyond thinking that children should be raised by two heterosexual parents and that transgenderism shouldn’t be celebrated or encouraged, I’m not much of a hardcore traditionalist. I’m fine with kids watching Saturday morning cartoons etc. as long as they get off their asses, exercise and socialize every once in a while.  I’ve concluded that I don’t reject enough of modernity to be a neoreactionary. I’m not willing to dismiss every civilizational experiment humans conducted after the French Revolution as a failure. Hell, I even like a lot of mid century modern art(Gasp! talk about abstract horrorism!)and no, I don’t mean dumb stuff like “numbered cans of shit” or that girl who lays eggs out of her vagina…but I enjoy paintings like this.  Also, despite the trike, they don’t really want nationalists and constantly talk trash about them, parroting nearly every SJW cliche about nationalists being uncouth, white trash, skinheads, etc. It’s also hard to see why anyone would want to expend energy engaging with a movement only to be disrespectfully thought of as merely “fan club” members rather than lower hierarchy contributors. Moving on from that… Given what I’ve said up until now you might be wondering if I’m a communist. Well, although I do prefer communist music and aesthetic, I’m not a communist because I don’t care much about equality(economic, racial or otherwise) and I don’t care for the heavy handed thought policing and labor camps that go along with it. Also, contemporary communism is incompatible with my pro-white racial views. The Communist Party USA, like most of today’s leftist movements is fiercely dedicated to promoting diversity, radical feminism, open borders, the fight against global warning, and almost every other SJW cause under the sun. Practically the only ideological spot left for this ball to roll into is European nationalism/fascism. Yet even the neo-nazis and “White” nationalists are becoming overwhelmed with radical Christians and traditionalists. Based on a few of the tweets I’ve been seeing, some neo-nazis are becoming as prudish as Islamic fundamentalists. I’m also not really into Hitler or Nazi nostalgia(though I’ll admit it’s growing on me a bit.) The Italian Futurism and Fascism movement would have been my scene, but those dudes are long dead, and I can’t travel back in time. The nationalist parties which appear to be gaining popularity in Europe look awesome, but I don’t live there. The ideal kind of soft fascism I’d be looking to support would be a more space oriented variant, somewhat in the vein of Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers.

For now, neo-fascism is where I’m at, though I fully expect to get bounced around some more. Hopefully, I will at least hit some kind of ingroup jackpot bonus before the game tilts from my trying to force it, or I grow tire of playing…and the flippers fail to prevent the ball from going down the drain.


8 thoughts on “Reactionary Pinball

  1. Very good. This mirrors my experience also. There is no sanctuary, and there never was. Fascism is indeed appealing, but the further study I have done on it points to it being a specific reaction to revolutionary communism in a particular point in history. Something to study and take parts from for me anyway.

    While it’s true that you don’t have to settle on a ‘group’ within reaction, it certainly helps to have a group to work with if you want to collaborate with ideas, gain a larger audience and lend credibility to your writing. NRx seemed that way to me for a while, but that Assimov quote, along with the ‘civilisation is the only morality’ b.s has made me question it.

    The other option as you say, is to stop playing, which I’m doing for now.


    1. Yes, I have a feeling some people will be bummed out by this post since being honest about certain views likely will turn some people off. As far as fascism, I tend to agree with you. I really support some kind of variant of it though, not necessarily replicating it exactly. I just think they had a good thing going but ruined it by trying to take over the whole world. I’d like to see a more isolationalist and space colonizing fascism rather than one that tries to challenge all the most powerful countries in the world militarily.


  2. I’ve been reading this blog for a few months and I generally agree with the basic attitudes. I’m a white nationalist, but I maintain that white nationalism must not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    I don’t have time to go into details at the moment, but I have articles about this in my head and ideas for how to spread updated white nationalist memes for the 21st century.

    Is this a group blog? If not, do you think it could become one? I could submit an article or two…


    1. Originally this blog was to be with me and one other guy whom I hang out with in real life, but he kind of had a different vision for what he wanted to do. It’s not really a group blog. I hesitate to make it one because it’s kind of become a haven for me to just formulate my own brand of nationalism. If you have articles, I’d recommend just starting a blog. It’s easy enough to sign up and get one through WordPress. I would certainly link to it. I can also give you advice on how to promote it, as I have a lot of experience in this area. The more of these kinds of blogs, the better. Also, I’d recommend networking with us on Twitter(if you don’t already.)


  3. I can identify with a lot of the things you say in this post. When I first started truth-seeking, or hitchhiking or whatever you want to term it, it was through libertarianism and mild historical revisionism. I’ve always been a politically incorrect sort of guy, and considered myself a paleolibertarian for a while. What changed that was getting deeper into the Jewish Question, 9/11, and facts about the “Holocaust”. For me, the attitude toward organized Jewry is what makes or breaks an ideology or a movement.

    Being pro-white like American Renaissance is fine, but to just ignore Jewish Zionists, the Mossad, the CIA, and all of their crimes discredits people like Jared Taylor. I increasingly have very little tolerance for white nationalists who continue to pretend to believe that Arabs pulled 9/11 and play along with all of the mainstream media propaganda about ISIS, Iran, Charlie Hebdo, and so forth. At this point I have no compunction about calling myself a national socialist – although, like you, I’m not an imperialist and I don’t necessarily think fascism would have to take the exact form that it did in thee 20s, 30s, and 40s.

    “I just think they had a good thing going but ruined it by trying to take over the whole world.”

    Fascism was ruined when American Jewry and communism took over the world, you mean.


  4. Interesting post, I agree with the general idea that a lot of us are bumping around seeing what appeals, what we like and where we best fit in. An awful lot of pretend posturing seems to go on in the alt-right scene online.

    Frankly there are a lot of people and ideas that are plain wrong and lead to bad results and outcomes. They are still trumpted by many however and continue to attract a certain kind of people. I see the filtering and fitting in to be deciding what you believe and what kind of people you want to associate with.

    Slightly nerdy beta guys who wanted to be in with the high-school Football team end up finding a home in the Manosphere because it offers them that bro environment with a dash of self development and individualism that they can really buy into.

    I could describe how I see the other groups in similar ways, (NRx as autists or attention seekers would be the crude short description).

    You say:
    “The nationalist parties which appear to be gaining popularity in Europe look awesome, but I don’t live there.”

    Which do you mean?


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