When Dream Worlds Collide – Right Futurists vs. Little House on The Praireactionaries and 9/11 Truthers


Well well well, look what the cat dragged in…a live rabbit! So, the 18 and 1/2 minute gap in updates wasn’t due to the ghost of Rose Mary Woods logging in and deleting my posts. It can be explained by the fact I was busy moving. Yep, I sold my swingin 60’s condo that I bought five years ago at the bottom of the real estate market, took the money and ran to some new digs…another 60’s pad with brick walls, vines and all. To celebrate, I mad a trip to the local strip club where I attempted to seek out the most traditionally minded female available. It always happens that when I go to these places, the only girls I really end up being attracted to are the cocktail waitresses. Is it because they’re less available I wonder? Or is it due to the fact that they are aesthetically beautiful enough to make money and tips without even having to reveal their bare breasts? The inquiring mind never rests it would seem. One thing I found pleasing was that instead of the horrid, ghetto pop music you normally have to endure at these strip clubs…they actually played a lot of decent jams…including but not limited to Edwyn Collins’ “A Girl Like You,” from the Empire Records soundtrack. The strip club isn’t necessarily an ideal place to find romance, but at least it’s a guaranteed return on one’s investment.


Anyhow, I realize I should probably be posting about the feral black riots in Baltimore, but to be honest, I just don’t find them very interesting. Writing about blacks going buck wild, looting, shouting grievances in barely intelligible vocalizations….it’s just too easy and pointless a subject to tackle. People like Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey already do a great job covering the topic of modern black “behavior,” but honestly anyone who doesn’t get the picture by now is either hopelessly brainwashed or out of their gourd. Sooner or later, we just have to write off the remaining ethnomasochists as a lost cause and move on. I am attempting to get beyond those discussions and focus my energy on the future. Yeah, we know diversity sucks and multiculturalism has been a failure. What are we going to do about it? What’s the plan, man? As a teeth clenched Charlton Heston pondered to Nova after escaping Ape City on horseback, “Where in the hell do we go from here?”  As always, I will continue to attempt to provide options, including one based on that very remark(though not in this post.)

Moving On

The coalition of AltRight factions is increasingly exposed as something comically shaky, flimsily duct taped together by a vague hatred of SJW culture and always ready to fall apart at the slightest bit of pressure. As I alluded to in Reactionary Pinball, good luck finding very many people on the far right who share enough of your views to feel like you are comfortably part of anything cohesive.

Rabbit vs. “The Little House on The Praireactionaries”

My first recent run in with the LHOTPR was back when one of them got triggered by a friend and I having a discussion about some of our favorite childhood cartoons. The LHOTPR basically said that if we watched cartoons as children, then we had essentially a soft, terrible, modern childhood and needed to be “put down.” Whatever, dude. I’m sure your children won’t grow up to resent you and rebel after being forced to build outhouses and do manual labor while other kids are doing fun stuff that’s more beneficial than it seems.

I also had a lengthy debate on Twitter with the anti-vaccination crowd. Being a futurist who loves modern medicine and hates third world diseases, I’m pro-vaccine obviously(my stepdad and brother are both physicians,) but I don’t wish to rehash the whole debate. I will defer to John Derbyshire’s logical comments on the issue, weighing the benefits vs the risks, since they mirror my thoughts exactly. I only bring this issue up, because it highlights an important schism in the AltRight, those who support conventional science vs. homeopathic medicine etc. Some people are so distrustful and conspiracy oriented(ie worried about fluoride, chlorine in the drinking water etc) that they would probably prefer well water from their backyard. If Oregon Trail style reaction is your thing – building up your immunity the old fashioned way, fording rivers, sewing your own garments, eating organic produce, shitting in outhouses…etc. don’t let me stop you. I’ll be getting off the revolutionary horse carriage at a different stop though. As Toad once remarked to a disappointed Mario, “Thank you, but our princess is another castle.”

Rabbit vs. 9/11 Truthers

I did an interview with Aryan Skynet, a cool site run by cool dudes. It was a good interview, but they were majorly bummed to discover I don’t embrace 9/11 trutherism. I’ve known that they were into this stuff for a while since I’m a big fan of Hipster Racist‘s blog and this appears to be his favorite topic. He’s an interesting and witty writer, so if you want to read about 9/11 conspiracies by someone entertaining who is on our side and not some rastafarian, Mumia Abu Jamal lookalike, that’s the place to go(yeah I know I’m on the same side as Chomsky on this, but check out the guy asking the question in the video, that genius is on your team.) Speaking as a hipster racist(non-truther version) with a shit ton of indie cred, I tend to prefer HR’s blog when he’s on his other topics(especially when he talks about women.) As I stated honestly in the interview, I’m not a 9/11 truther. My thoughts align pretty much with those here, here and here. So there you have it, but we can still be BFF’s since even though I don’t believe 9/11 was a Mossad false flag operation(or whatever,) I still have no interest in being dragged into Israel’s wars, and in fact I would very much like us not to be involved in any irrelevant third world military adventures, even from an accelerationist vantage point. I’m not willing to sacrifice patriotic kids from Utah and Kentucky in pointless wars just to see the US collapse sooner, even on the chance that it might leave a power vacuum for a space monarchy or the new fuhrer.

I sometimes wonder if the ideological differences among different schools of thought are too irreconcilable, and whether it might just be easier to convince authoritarian leftists to be more racist.

8 thoughts on “When Dream Worlds Collide – Right Futurists vs. Little House on The Praireactionaries and 9/11 Truthers

  1. I looked at all of your would-be 9/11-debunking links and find it interesting that you can’t seem to find anything better to cite than the effusions of Jewish leftists and the anonymous contributors to “RationalWiki”, an ultra-radical anti-racist site that dismisses HBD as ideology “justified by pseudoscience and flawed interpretations of science”. Jesse Merkel, to whom you link, identifies himself as a “die hard” Trekkie and suggests elsewhere that “The Republican Party should reclaim its title as the champion of civil rights by coming out [pun intended?] in support of gay marriage.” The main problem here continues to be that you’re linking to people who either attack straw men or simply ignore the evidence presented by the other side. Here’s a simple yes-or-no question for you. Did you watch ANY of the videos that Hipster Racist or I linked under the interview? Impugning 9/11 questioners’ credentials by pretending that truthers are just stoner lefties in dreadlocks or charlatans like Alex Jones or the Jews who made Loose Change is avoidance of real debate. Ever heard of David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, or Stephen Jones?

    “check out the guy asking the question in the video, that genius is on your team.” Sure. And this guy is on yours:


    1. I’m not sure why I’d care that a klansman is on my team. I’m okay with that. I’m well aware of RationalWiki being a leftist site(they link to this blog actually,) but I’m not concerned with whether it’s leftist, I’m concerned with whether it’s persuasive on this particular topic. Even though I disagree with a lot of the conclusions of progs, they can still be useful for pointing out holes in arguments and offering perspectives that challenge groupthink. Many leftists can be much more logical on issues related to skepticism. Now you’re venturing even further into kook territory by claiming a conspiracy of Jews making the unpersuasive 9/11 truther claims(they were unpersuasive because jews made them.)

      “Ever heard of David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, or Stephen Jones?”

      Yes, and I don’t find any of their claims believable. David Ray Griffin comes across as especially nutty with his fake phone call, “voice morphing” theories as well as his bizarre attempt to “shoehorn christian theology” into the 9/11 truth movement. Their theories have been refuted, and one of their nano-thermite papers was published in a discredited “vanity” spam journal which accepts fake research papers.

      Once you look at the psychology behind conspiracy theorists and their monological belief systems, you can spot their mindset even just communicating with them briefly.

      I simply don’t find 9/11 conspiracy claims credible. To the extent I doubt the official story, it is more in the areas where people are presented to be more heroic than they probably deserve credit for.


      1. “I’m not sure why I’d care that a klansman is on my team. I’m okay with that.”

        So talking about inconsistencies in the official government 9/11 conspiracy theory is making us look like crazies, but dressing up in sheets and burning crosses is going to win over the fence-sitters and maybe get us some good press?

        “Now you’re venturing even further into kook territory by claiming a conspiracy of Jews making the unpersuasive 9/11 truther claims(they were unpersuasive because jews made them.)”

        Call them Judas goats. Call it cointelpro or cognitive infiltration. The strategy is the same. Take any potentially effective dissident, subversive, or nationalist movement, infiltrate it with people who will poop in the punch bowl, neuter it, turn it into a joke, and destroy it. The guys who made Loose Change were Jews who purposely left Israel out of the narrative, ignored the Israeli loyalties of Dov Zakheim, Paul Wolfowitz, Philip Zelikow, and the rest, and instead made it all about “fascism” and some vague and shadowy New World Order.

        Everybody knows Alex Jones is married to a Jewess and has made a career out of blaming Nazis, transhumanists, “the globalists”, and ANYBODY, basically, but the Jews. Then there’s Simon Shack with his no planes theory that got picked up by people like John Friend. I’m sure there are plenty of other examples if you care to look. They’ve done the same thing with white nationalist groups. The “Nazi” who led the celebrated Skokie demonstration, for instance, turned out to be a Jewish pedophile if you didn’t know.

        Here’s a bona fide YouTube crap classic, one of the most obvious examples of Jews mucking up the 9/11 truth movement:


  2. I read your interview on Aryan Skynet and really enjoyed it. Brought me here actually. Recently I’ve become a bit of a truther. I agree that many of the claims made by many of the truthers are less than compelling but…those Dancing Israeli guys bother me. A lot. And building seven…. looks fishy. It took me about five years to let myself see that. But now that I see it… it looks fishy. I just watched it again. Looks fishy.

    Looks like a fish. Smells like a fish..

    “Where in the hell do we go from here?” That is the fifty thousand dollar question. I don’t think white people are pissed off enough yet to become in anyway unified enough to act as a cohesive group. So at this point I’m thinking the best thing is to spread the word and encourage the making of white babies. Always a good thing anyway.

    I am proud to say that even though I loved “Bonanza” I never ever watched a single episode of “Little House on the Prairie.”

    Don’t plan to.

    Like the interview though. It was uplifting. Thanks.

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