Cuckservative Inc Stock is Tanking ($CUCK)


The Definition

A cuckservative is a self-styled “conservative” who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country’s people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.

source: TheRightStuff 

Cuckservatism Inc stock($CUCK) is taking a nosedive. Like something of an impromptu internet Tet offensive, the “cuckservative” meme has gone viral and shocked much of the mainstream conservative establishment, most of whom had no idea of it’s existence until now. Some of them are still in such sheltered disbelief that they are attributing it to some kind of democratic operative conspiracy. Newsflash to any cuckservative or curious social justice warrior who may have taken a wrong turn through the lost of woods of shitlordistan and ended up here….it’s for real. In fact,  we’ve been going on about cuckservatives in one way or another for a long time. The cucks have just been too busy fixated on superficial media diversionary issues like Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, and the Iran deal.  

One could see this development coming though. Leftist intersectionalist social justice types have been hip to the alt right for a while, with sites like Jezebel and David Futrelle’s “We Hunted the Mammoth” regularly sparring with Heartiste and Return of Kings(usually over gender issues.) Recently though, Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg(who at least has a sense of humor) and other progressive bloggers/sites stumbled upon and wrote about our coverage of the “Cuckelodeon” scandal. At that point, it seemed like only a matter of time. Strangely, it was Trump’s candidacy and his willingness to talk about immigration which brought the cuckservative meme to the forefront. Regardless of what Trump’s positions on the issues are(most of us around here don’t even support democracy)the universal denunciation of Trump’s thought crime by Cuckservatism Inc publications and their pathetic candidates was too much to bear. After the epic monsoon storm of PC roared from the “respectable” right, a backlash was imminent. An army of cantankerous shitlord scorpions had been drawn out, their stingers loaded with venom and vitriol.


How did all this develop under the radar? It’s simple really. When mainstream conservative publications and media outlets purged some of their greatest writers and personalities for crimethink, those ideas and thoughts didn’t actually disappear. When political correctness leads publications to refuse to address the issues people want to discuss, they invariably emerge elsewhere. In this case, they moved underground, where new communities formed which slowly attracted the disenfranchised. Through networking and demand within the marketplace of ideas, those new outlets began to grow significantly larger and more influential to where they could no longer be ignored. The purging of John Derbyshire from National Review simply boosted the popularity of Vdare and Takimag. The American Conservative magazine(once a pioneering AltRight publication)sent white readers fleeing in droves a few years ago when they abandoned their immigration restrictionist position and determined that turning the US into a third world country would be acceptable, since it would mean the US might be less likely to get involved in foreign wars. Unsurprisingly, many longtime readers found this tradeoff less than appealing.


To those that think this is all the work of “white supremacists” and “neo nazis,” I can only say that it should not surprise anyone that by eliminating the possibility of any open and honest discussion of racial issues in polite society, and after experiencing decades of willful capitulation by the republican party on almost every relevant issue… naturally people are going to reluctantly find themselves making common cause with white nationalists. Why wouldn’t they? When conservative parties continuously sellout white people, either through futile pandering to minorities for votes, or just shilling for culturally indifferent transnational corporations who are eager to trade western civilization for a quick buck….eventually those people will seek alternatives. Those whites who haven’t been brainwashed into ethnomasochism and the embrace of their demographic replacement, have been forced to ally with the only groups left that still have their interests in mind. White supremacist? White survivalist is more like it.


The social justice left is perhaps even more horrified at this development, because they already had it in their minds that even mainstream republicuck senators and congressmen who merely want existing immigration laws enforced are “neo nazi white supremacists.” When some legendary actor speaks a mildly un-PC truth, the social justice mob “literally can’t even.” I can barely even imagine their reaction when they accidentally fall down some 4Chan youtube rabbit hole.

Even still, anyone familiar with the AltRight knows that it is made up of a bunch of disaffected groups who don’t agree on very much and mostly hate each other. Some of us aren’t even rightists, but ethnocentric leftists who just don’t accept white guilt. Amazingly(with the exception of a few holdout neoreactionaries,) Trump’s provocations, subsequent republican pundit denouncements and the popularizing of the pre-existing “cuckservative” meme have managed to unite nearly the entire altright, bringing to bear the full force of nearly every shitlord this side of 4chan paradise. Cuckservatives, it’s time to short $CUCK shares and start investing in the future: